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Monsteras. — the most focused real estate brand in the world, calibrated for the marketplace of tomorrow, delivering proven results for buyers, sellers, and investors. Monsteras revolutionizes the traditional model by innovating through media and content creation, and is powered by a team to amplify our properties and get you in front of more or the right  people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the most compelling customer experience imaginable, while having fun.  We are defined by our relationships.  We value these relationships and make the commitment to positively impact upon everyone around us. Putting serve back in service.


Tisa Daniels

Founding Partner

P: (727) 777-3204


Our Story

Monsteras is the first real estate company launched and designed for the marketplace of tomorrow. We have grown from a single agent to a full-service firm that is revolutionizing the traditional real estate model.
At Monsteras, we do things differently. With our innovative creative staff, we develop disruptive content that engages the market by exploring new creative frontiers and redefining pathways to connect. Our high tech, high touch, high style approach gives our listings unparalleled exposure by reaching more buyers than anyone else. Our team is driven to succeed, understanding of client needs, and trained to balance established sales strategies and techniques with innovative thinking.
We understand that it’s more important than ever to help our clients and partners adapt to behavioral and market changes being driven by generational shifts and technological advances in society, and by combining traditional brokerage services with innovative production and marketing capabilities, we know how to do that better than anyone else.

Our Values


Creativity is in our DNA. Sharing impactful stories and developing out-of-the-box solutions is what sets us apart from the crowd.



We've used video and drones long before anyone else.   We will continue to be high tech with high touch. Whatever comes next, we’ll do it before anyone else because we’re a team for the marketplace of tomorrow.


It's in nature to give back to those in need and our community.  We are highly integrated into the community and love that our work affords us the ability to get involved and be present.



We’re relentless and passionate with everything we do. We challenge each other to make each other better.



We’re not just agents, we’re people. We’ve been in your shoes and we know that being understanding and supportive for every step of the real estate process is part of our job.